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Academic, Numeracy and Music Tutoring

Competitions are a great way to demonstrate the skills that Miss B's students have been learning.

Miss B likes to encourage all her music students to partake in competitions with the Launceston Competition Society as well as the St Cecilia Performance Challenge.

Miss B encourages her Piano, Flute and Vocal students to partake in the competitions but she won’t ask her students to do anything that she won’t do herself, so you will often see Miss B on stage performing alongside her students or doing a solo performance.

Performing on stage isn’t just about the competitions, but it is also a great way to help boost confidence, help with public speaking and helps students overcome nerves. Miss B will almost always be sitting with her students while they get ready to go on stage helping them to feel comfortable.

For Miss B's music students there are 2 competing opportunities a year for polished and serious performers; the Launceston Competitions and the St Cecilia Performance Challenge. These competitions have been designed to provide musicians of all ages and abilities with the experience of performing at a competitive level.

Adjudicators are chosen from professional musicians and teachers throughout the world. All performers have the opportunity to perform publicly and win Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) and receive a comprehensive report on their performance.


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