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Miss B's Student Services - Riverside offers art classes for children and adults also.

We have a number of programs that we run; all of which explores art techniques as well as exploring different mediums. 
We move through topics such as drawing, printing, painting, collage and 3 dimensional artworks.

We frequently give students the opportunity to have their artwork displayed in galleries and competitions also.

Art Programs are: 

$15 per student, per week for group classes.


$30 per student, per week for individual classes. 

Students enrol for a 10 week term in correlation with the school terms.

Enrolment forms required for attendance.

Don’t let the kids have all the fun…

“Simply drawing” is our adult course for the older beginner to learn drawing techniques such as hatching, shading and blending.

Each week participants draw something new, working through the creative process to create one final work in 5 weeks.

Classes are Mondays at 630 for 50 minutes for 5 weeks. Max 3 participants and homework essential :) 

$150 for 5 week course.

Contact us on 0407094288

or via our contact form to enquire.