Miss B’s Student

Academic, Numeracy and Music Tutoring

Research indicates that children who are exposed to music and are musically trained, have greater concentration levels, display a higher level of IQ and achieve greater results in their academia. Need we say more about the potential boost, learning to play the piano or sing correctly could do for your child? At Miss B’s Student Services we nurture each individuals love of music and offer one on one, and small ensemble coaching in piano, flute and vocals for interested students.

Lessons are offered weekly or fortnightly, both daytime and out of school hours. Each lesson is an engaging learning experience including music appreciation, music games, technical work, exercises, repertoire learning and movement. Each lesson is carefully recorded in a communication book to assist communication to parents. All recordings, backing tracks, and repertoire music for practise purposes are included in the cost of your lessons.

Performing is an art that must be learned, practised and greatly supported. Performing regularly helps to consolidate musical performance and technique. Miss B’s Student Services has many performance opportunities both competitive and non competitive which you can read about in our events pages.

You're never too old to learn

You're never too old to learn music. If you don't start now, in a year's time instead of wowing your family and friends with your newfound talents, you'll still be at square 1. Yes you need to practice. But practice is not a dirty word. It's actually a great stress relief. Music sends your brain off into another zone. Try thinking about something else when you are playing music… Can’t do it! So give your brain a little break from all of your daily pressures in nice way. Nurture those neurons! Come along to see just how much you will enjoy learning to play or sing.


Miss B's Student Services Riverside, also offers a weekly ensemble vocal group lesson for students wishing to have fun with singing and performance whilst building relationships with other members and having fun.

The choir performs regularly at community, social and competitive destinations.

The choir also participates in the Launceston Christmas Parade. 

*First meetings with Miss B's Student Services for adults, students or preschoolers, are free! Limit of one per family. This induction is a no obligation chat and a chance get to know one another! You and/or your child can see Miss B's Student Services learning space, meet with our educators, and ask as many questions as you like! Educators will provide you with an overview of expectations, costs, possible goals, and explain how lessons work from here. If you do not choose Miss B at this time - it's OK - the meeting was still free and the door is always open.